That insanely scary moment when you realize....  
You can do it!

LOCO CITY Derby Girls

Lodi Grape Festival- Cabernet Hall
413 E Lockeford Street
Lodi, CA 95240



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Accepting new skaters or Non Skating Officials at any skill level. We would love for you to join the fun!

"I skate because I love it. Add in good times with girl friends and feeling invincible and Roller Derby is irresistible!" -Peaches

"It is a sport that allowed me to be involved. Even if I couldn't skate, there was still not skating roles available. Roller derby has something to offer everyone. Anyone can get involved."


"I derby for a couple reasons....keeps me out of somewhat shape....keeps my mind working. I have learned soooo much about myself through derby. I also have made and met some bad ass people in this game!!!"  -Hopeless Dreamer

 Please note that all information is private and will not be shared with third parties.

"I have always wanted to play. I knew it would be great exercise and fun. But never in my
Wildest dreams did I imagine it to be so
Amazing. I’m pretty sure I will always be involved one way or another."  -Mother Juggs

"I play roller derby as a way to be active. I enjoy the camaraderie of women who actually support eachother and try to make eachother better in life. It has made me more outgoing and able to stand my ground. I don't know if derby is the best sport ever. But it's fun and that's what is important to me at the end of the day" -Yosemite Sam

"Keeps me in shape. Relieves tension." -Meeeow

"I grew up shy, reserved and no sports background at all but I found my voice of positivity through roller derby. I learned the beauty of teamwork. I became in tune with my body & learned to accept my strengths and weaknesses. I love the comradery, the community and the people… all the variety of people. I became addicted, yes, addicted after my first skate-boot camp. I wanted to get my newbie package so bad but being money was short at the time (during the holidays) I pawned my wedding rings to get my newbie package. Going into my 7th season, it has been a blast so far."


"I found Derby at a time in my life I needed to be challenged mentally and physically as an individual. Through growth and humbling experience I learned to trust not only my capabilities, but others." -Cass E. Nova